Restaurant News Highlights for July 3rd, 2013

By helbraunlevey on July 3, 2013 in Press

The Fourth of July is coming, and that means we will be indulging in some of our favorite food and beverages tomorrow (instead of just dreaming of them at our desks). So, why shouldn’t our tasty sampler of this weeks articles come a little early? The weather might be steamy, but our clients are still killing it in the kitchen this week! 

Thanks to the 82-drink cocktail menu, there is something new to be discovered on every trip to Dead Rabbit. Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry chat with Eater about their first 5 months, and what to expect when you visit (they hope you’ll say a perfect Irish Coffee).


Lisa Giffen would rather be in the kitchen, but the new Head Chef of Maison Premiere has certainly been hitting the press. Serious Eats interviews her about her transition from cook to chef, and the growth she has seen in her time at Maison Premiere.


Pete Wells was impressed at Uncle Boons in his NYT review this week (regardless of lighting), awarding Ann Redding Matt Danzer 2 stars for their delicious food that explores flavors from all over Thailand.


Nothing else says America like some top quality BBQ! New York hot spots Mighty Quinn’s and Briskettown make the list for Eaters nation wide search for the best BBQ. In typical New York fashion, why do it yourself on the 4th when you can go out to eat? Especially now that Dan Delaney’s Williamsburg location is up and running with cold beer to accompany his hot brisket?


Have a safe & well-fed holiday! 

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