Restaurant News Highlights for October 25, 2013

By helbraunlevey on October 25, 2013 in Press

Cozy up with a hot toddy and check out what our clients have been up to this week:

Brunch is always in season, and this fall Eater has put together a list of 20 spots to get your pancake fix, and calm your french toast cravings. Manhattan brunch favorites include Montmarte and The Marrow from the restaurant teams of Gabriel Stulman and Harold Dietrle. Brooklyn can cozy up in Gowanus at Littleneck for classics like shrimp & grits.
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Sarah Simmons sits down with with Cos Du Bois Winery this week to talk about the ups and downs of her salon style City Grit. With an ever rotating menu (and series of chefs) what they do is truly unique.
Watch what you eat!

This week New York City Wine & Food Festival was treated to a Taste of Tokyo by Ivan Orkin. 74 guests previewed what his menu could offer up next month with the opening of Ivan Ramen.
Just a peek!

Shamus Jone’s opens his second spot, Pickle Shack, next week. Following his storefront Brooklyn Brine, this location offers a bar and full menu. With vegetable-focused dishes, and massive beer selection, not even the sourest of pickles could make us pout about this.

Andy Ricker does not need anyone to do his PR because he and his food at Pok Pok clearly speak for themselves. The Village Voice asks Ricker about his free spirited start, the move to NY, and the hardest part of running a restaurant.
Anyone know a good line cook?

Buying an existing restaurant or bar can be great for several reasons, but you need to make sure your interests are protected by performing the proper due diligence.  There are many issues which should be researched when buying a restaurant in New York; here are a...

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Either Helbraun Levey is representing everyone in New York City, or it was a fantastic week for reviews, announcements, and recommendations for some of our friends around the city:  Sweet Chick: While the East Village still mourns the loss of Max Fish, here is something to look...

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