Restaurant News Highlights for September 30th, 2013

By helbraunlevey on October 4, 2013 in Press

Either Helbraun Levey is representing everyone in New York City, or it was a fantastic week for reviews, announcements, and recommendations for some of our friends around the city: 

Sweet Chick: While the East Village still mourns the loss of Max Fish, here is something to look forward to! Chicken and waffles hot spot Sweet Chick will be opening in the space with their second location.
 2nd time is a charm… 

Root & Bone: In other exciting prospects, Richard Freedman will be working with Top Chef alum Chef Jeff McInnis on their new project at the old Mama’s Food Shop location. Root & Bone will be opening sometime next year.
 In with the new! 

Shh! Greenpoint’s Finest: Alan Richman’s review this week was not focused on one restaurant but one whole neighborhood to dine out in: Greenpoint. We have been a little bit obsessed with Glasserie for awhile, and hopefully its charms will last through the gentrification boom that is about to hit the neighborhood. Alameda also got a visit from Richman who was charmed, but reccomends Achille’s Heel if it gets to crowded.
It’s oh so quiet… 


Serious Eats had some serious love for our clients this week, with many appearing on a few of their lists. It’s nice being the talk of the town, and the town this week seemed to be Brooklyn. With all of three partners current Brooklyn residents, it is no surprise we work with so many restaurants in the ‘hip’ borough

OVENLY’S LIST OF GREENPOINT Getting some peace and quiet in this city can be tough, but Greenpoint has much to offer for those looking for a breather and a view. Alan Richman can take a visit and find some gems, but the ladies of Ovenly, Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin, offer some insider tips of where to find the best sweets.

BEST COCKTAILS OF BK Artisinal. Custom. Craft. These are all hip Brooklyn buzzwords, and they have even found their way into our cocktail vocabulary. Serious Eat’s digs through the poseurs to find the real deal at places like Maison Premiere, Gran Electrica, and Fatty ‘Cue. We’ll drink to that!

WHERE TO EAT ON YOUR ‘BROOKLYN VACATION’  Not everyone can live in New York’s newest food mecca, and Serious Eats helps those looking to take a trip narrow down the long list. Buttermilk Channel makes their brunch list, and everyone’s bloody mary list. Littleneck also offer’s up treats worth making a trip for!
 NFT Brooklyn Guide

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