Announcing HL’s Third Season of Hospitality & Cannabis Webinars!

Originally Published : August 24, 2023

Helbraun Levey is committed to being the educational leader in the hospitality and cannabis industries. A cornerstone of our educational programming is our webinar lineup, and we are proud to announce our Fall 2023 season!

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HL’s Fall Webinar Season

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From Plate to Package
Hosted by: Teepoo Riaz & David Helbraun
With special guest panelist Kenneth Blanchette
September 11, 2023, 11am-12:30pm
One of the biggest hurdles to hospitality businesses looking to get into the Consumer Packaged Goods game, is the very first step: how do you take an idea, and make it real? From determining the feasibility of your initial idea, to packaging and nutrition, to testing the market, Teepoo Riaz, David Helbraun, and CPG Consultant Kenneth Blanchette break down “Phase 1” of CPG’s into clear and simple steps you can take to develop your products strategically.


How to Win at NY Cannabis
Hosted by: Joseph Levey & David Helbraun
September 13, 2023, 11am-12:30pm
Winning a retail dispensary license in New York State is one thing.  Opening and operating a successful cannabis business in New York is quite another. As you work on preparing your license application, you should also be focused on laying a strong foundation for your future business.  The key is looking beyond the licensing process to ensure you have the best staff, the right location, and the necessary funds – and you need to start now!  Join Joseph Levey in conversation with David Helbraun on how to win at the cannabis game in New York, with deep dives into the most important choices that you will face.


Catering & Event Contracts
Hosted by: Andrew Fine & David Helbraun
October 9, 2023, 11am-12:30pm
The busy season is nearly here, PDR’s are being reserved, and holiday parties are being scheduled. These opportunities can bring in solid revenue and you’ll want to squeeze every dollar out of them. David Helbraun and Andrew Fine will discuss catering contracts and how to protect your events and catering business from the unforeseeable, just in time for holiday party season.


Fall Preview: Trends in NYC Rents and Real Estate
Hosted by: David Helbraun
With special guest panelists Michael Azarian and Jeffrey Lopez
October 16, 2023, 11am-12:30pm
Understanding the New York real estate landscape is essential to finding the lowest rent and best location for your next hospitality venture. David Helbraun sits down with Michael Azarian of Cushman Wakefield and Jeffrey Lopez of Lee & Associates, real estate brokers specializing in hospitality and retail, to look at the hottest trends in NYC neighborhoods, rents, concepts, and more.


Dissecting the DNA of a Hospitality Group
Hosted by: Andrew Fine & David Helbraun
October 23, 2023, 11am-12:30pm
Why does it make sense to consolidate a brand and have a holding company? If you are planning on opening more than one bar or restaurant, you need to make sure your company’s infrastructure is built for growth. David Helbraun and Andrew Fine have set up hundreds of hospitality groups for HL clients, and will share their knowledge in this webinar on how to create a holding company, make the right hiring decisions, and grow and diversify your portfolio.


How to Franchise Your Hospitality Concept
Hosted by: Harold Kestenbaum, Tom Spadea & David Helbraun
November 6, 2023, 11am-12:30pm
Cool, indie restaurants and retail owners are broadening their horizons and are now getting into the franchise game. David Helbraun and franchising attorneys Tom Spadea and Harold Kestenbaum will dive into how to franchise your hospitality concept, from an overview of the franchise process to how to make money on royaliees. Tom Spadea and Harold Kestenbaum are partners at Spadea Lignana and serve as Of Counsel to Helbraun Levey.


F&B Management Agreements
Hosted by: Andrew Fine, & David Helbraun
November 20, 2023, 11am-12:30pm
F&B Management Agreements offer excellent perks for owners and managers, and have grown exponentially in popularity over recent years; however, understanding your leverage in these deals is essential to making them worth your while. David Helbraun and Andrew Fine will unpack these deals, explaining the motivations for each party and outlining what a ‘good’ management deal could and should look like.


How to Raise Money and Value a Hospitality Concept
Hosted by: Andrew Fine & David Helbraun
December 4, 2023, 11am-12:30pm
Join David Helbraun and Andrew Fine on for equity investment term sheet 101 – and beyond. We’re digging into the key points investors care about, and how you can strategically offer incentives to potential investors while still protecting your business, brand, and management autonomy.



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