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Making money in the hospitality industry has become more challenging over the past few years so owners have begun considering a franchising model as part of their portfolio. By adopting a franchise model for one of your brands, you can set up your hospitality business for exponential future growth. Expanding your company’s value through franchising your strong brand is a route every F&B should consider.

If you want to explore franchising your business, it is essential to work with attorneys who specialize in this field and who know what they are doing. We searched far and wide for the best franchise attorneys to help our clients – and we found them.

We have partnered with Spadea Lignana, one of the top franchise law firms in the country, to ensure that our clients have access to the best franchising services available. Spadea Lignana was recently named the #1 Franchise Law Firm by Entrepreneur Magazine and has helped launch Five Guys, Sbarro, and many more hospitality concepts.

Harold Kestenbaum, a partner at Spadea, works directly with HL and our clients. He has won numerous awards, including being named among the top 100 franchise lawyers in North America by Franchise Times and as one of the three best franchise lawyers in the New York metro area by New York Magazine.

Harold served as Franchise and General Counsel to Sbarro, Inc., the national franchisor of more than 1,000 family-style Italian restaurants, and he served as a director until 2006. He was also the franchise attorney who started Five Guys on their path to franchise success.

Working with Harold and the attorneys at Spadea Lignana, we will help you with every step you need to take in order to franchise your business, including:

  • Filing a trademark for your name and other intellectual property
  • Setting up your corporate structure and forming your business entities
  • Drafting the required Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD’s) and Franchise Agreements
  • Advising you on how, when, and where to grow your franchise

So, please reach out to David Helbraun at [email protected] to inquire about franchising your bar, restaurant, or hospitality retail business.

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