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Helbraun & Levey is the one-stop-shop for cannabis entrepreneurs in New York State and beyond. We support and guide our clients through the journey of setting up and structuring their new cannabis company, raising money for the venture, securing qualifying real estate and ultimately obtaining the appropriate licenses.

Our unmatched combination of cannabis industry knowledge, personal entrepreneurial experience and intimate understanding of how to do business in New York, help best position our clients for success. Navigating legal and regulatory framework is never easy, but we can help you to do so as efficiently and effectively as possible.

There is great value in working with a firm that can handle all of your legal and licensing needs under one roof, and that is what we provide. Below, please find some highlights of the traditional cannabis-specific services that we provide:


General Counsel

We are your sounding board, think tank and advisor, all in one. Our experience with entrepreneurs, with cannabis businesses, and with the New York players, perfectly positions us to advise you on how to build and structure your business, to discuss what can and cannot work, and ultimately to set you up for success. We will assist you in crystalizing your vision, identifying issues and obstacles to overcome, and providing you timely and nuanced guidance in a holistic way in these crucial early moments.


Choosing the right set of cannabis licenses and/or permits requires strong legal as well as operational considerations – but also an understanding of the local business environment and the cannabis industry as a whole. We handle the application process for all cannabis licenses, including retail dispensary, microbusiness, cultivation, processing and distribution, and can assist in determining the right path for you.

Capital Raise

Fundraising for any business can be complex and challenging, and cannabis is no different. You need experienced counsel on your side who can guide you through this process with an eye on federal, state and local regulations, and who understands the value of your prospective business. There are many ways to accomplish a successful fundraise. We will help you understand all of them in order to correctly choose the right one for you and your future business.

Real Estate

Whether you are looking to lock-up a space today or you are planning to apply for a provisional license, and choose a location later, real estate is key in cannabis. We will support and assist you from your initial search, through vetting and qualifying spaces and finally to lease negotiations and signing.


Our top-notch litigation team are ready to fight to protect your cannabis business – whether on the defensive or offensive side of things. This could be with respect to a bad business relationship, a real estate matter or with a governmental or quasi-governmental agency.


Our cannabis trademark lawyers have significant experience advising individuals and business owners on how to successfully navigate the hurdles of trademark registration in order to develop brands that can be protected. Accomplishing this in cannabis is nuanced, to say the least. Read our Cannabis Trademark FAQ to learn more.

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