Catering & Event Contracts | October 9, 2023

Originally Published : October 11, 2023

The busy season is nearly here, PDR’s are being reserved, and holiday parties are being scheduled. These opportunities can bring in solid revenue and you’ll want to squeeze every dollar out of them. How you draft your catering or event contract can have a large impact on your business and your income, and now is the time to review and strengthen your current contracts.

Whether you provide catering and/or bar services as a vendor on-site, or are hosting an event in your own space, the specifics you include in your contract with a client can ensure you are protected from issues like force majeure or termination. Understanding what is most important to clarify in your contract can also help you create a more positive experience for your clients by promoting transparency, planning well, and communicating clearly.

In this webinar, Founding Partner David Helbraun and Partner & Corporate Chair Andrew Fine will discuss catering contracts and how to protect your events and catering business from the unforeseeable – just in time for holiday party season.