Prep Work for the Inevitable: Here it comes….. SHUTDOWN CITY!!!

Originally Published : March 15, 2020

HL Clients,

Well, this may be your last brunch for a while because:


From the Governor:

“Voluntarily close down. Voluntarily close down your bar, your restaurant, your gymnasium,” said Cuomo. “At one point, people actually react reasonably and responsibly. People say, you know, I’m not gonna go into a bar with 100 other people bumping up against me because it’s too high a risk to have a martini. I can have a martini at home.”

It seems that the Governor did not like reading the reports of New Yorkers hanging out at bars and restaurants over the weekend so he’s making a “suggestion” that we close our places.  I think he’s ramping up the rhetoric so when he mandates the closing it does not seem so extreme.  It’s classic political cover from a master.  Why he keeps teasing the mandated closure is beyond me.  Either we are in a crisis or we are not.  I mean, we are so let’s get moving.  Lock it all down so we can deal with it and recover more quickly.  This half-ass, wishy washy approach is just causing more anxiety and uncertainty.  It’s just not how New Yorkers deal with things.  We have been through some shit (9-11, Sandy, Blackouts, Recessions). We can take it, so let’s go already. 

Closing Legal Package

We have been working around the clock preparing the necessary forms, paperwork, policies and communications that you will need in the event that you choose to shut down or are forced to do so.  We will be offering this service starting tomorrow so please contact Megan Shaw at: [email protected] and she will talk you through it.  It will cover all employment and HR related issues.

HL Reduces Rates

All of our clients are in the hospitality business and we understand the financial impact all of this is having on you.  So, starting tomorrow and continuing until we dig out of this mess, we will be offering a 25% reduced fee on all transactional legal work and we will strive to offer affordable flat fees wherever possible.

FAQ Update

We hope to be back to the FAQ’s tomorrow.  As you all know, we have been working around the clock making ourselves available to you and triaging to the best of our ability.  The FAQ’s take a lot of time and today, we just don’t have it as we gear up for all the things that you will need when you close down.  

If you have an issue that requires immediate attention, email us.  If it’s a general question, check our past FAQ’s and if you can’t find the answer, email the hotline at [email protected] and we will do our best to get to it but it might be a day or two.  Thank you for understanding.

As always, we are here if you need us and we almost never sleep.


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