F&B Management Agreements | November 20, 2023

Originally Published : November 20, 2023

F&B Management Agreements offer excellent perks for owners and managers, and have grown exponentially in popularity over recent years. Understanding your leverage in these deals, and what owners and managers typically negotiate for with these agreements, is essential to making them worth your while. Whether you want to bring an F&B element to a hotel, mixed use building, movie theater, or more, you should know what value you’re providing for the owner and what your responsibilities will include as a manager.

Firm Partners David Helbraun and Andrew Fine have handled hundreds of F&B Management Deals and know what you should be considering when an opportunity presents itself. In this webinar, they will unpack the specifics of F&B Management Agreements, explaining the motivations for each party involved, and outlining what a ‘good’ management deal could and should look like.