Planning and Advisory Services

Before you fall in love with a location for your new business, it’s important to understand if the type of business that you are contemplating will work in that specific space / neighborhood / community. If it does, it’s important to understand the character and nature of the local community board, so that we have an idea as to what types of restrictions (if any) they may want to put on your eventual liquor license. If your intended method of operation is one that is very specific, with no real wiggle room (either regarding hours, entertainment, etc.), we must plan accordingly. The key to getting what you want, is a combination of understanding the landscape of your particular neighborhood (realistically) and employing a solid strategy and approach for the Community Board portion of the process. We’ve got a lot to say about all of the above.

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Meeting Preparation and Appearances

It’s true that you only get one chance to make a first impression. And that first impression is absolutely critical when it comes to presenting to Community Boards.

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