Other Cannabis Licenses and Permits

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We advise, prepare and file all NY State Recreational Cannabis License applications (including Retail Licenses & Wholesale Licenses) for our clients:

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A Microbusiness license is the only allowable form of vertical integration in New York State (other than the pre-existing medical licenses). This license allows one to engage in the cultivation of cannabis, the manufacturing of it, and ultimately the retailing of it. The only caveat here is that there will be tight restrictions on the amount of product that can be produced and sold – potentially capping your upside.

Testing Laboratory

A Testing Laboratory license allows a laboratory, facility or entity in the State of New York to offer or perform testing of cannabis goods. Testing labs must obtain proper accreditation. Testing labs may be issued a provisional license allowing them to operate while they obtain accreditation, provided that they meet all other licensure requirements.


A distributor is responsible for transporting cannabis goods between licensees- whether it be for testing purposes, or for transporting cannabis goods between wholesale and retail licensees. They just may not transport any cannabis goods to end-users.

Distributors may obtain an ownership interest in a traditional wholesale cannabis company. However, if they do, then they are restricted to distributing only the products from that wholesale company.

License Renewals

Similar to liquor license renewals, once you’ve been approved for your license, the hardest work is behind you. You do, however, bear the burden of renewing your license timely in advance of each expiration period. While this isn’t the most challenging process, there are many subtle pitfalls, and the end result of a misstep could cost you your license – at least for a time. We have a licensing team, focused on renewals specifically, and we have a system to ensure that your renewals are handled correctly and in a timely manner.

Alteration/Change Applications

Whenever a change is made, of any kind, to your business, that change must be memorialized with the proper licensing/regulatory authority. Whether you change the layout of your space, the size, the character of it, of whether you’re simply making an ownership or corporate change of some kind. Regardless of the actual change, there is a filing needed with the State to memorialize it. We have systems in place to effectuate any change applications, and we have a professional team, that will ensure that your premise remains compliant.

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