Cannabis Retail Licensing

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We advise, prepare and file all NY State Recreational Cannabis License applications (including Wholesale Licenses & Misc Licenses & Permits) for our clients:

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Retail Dispensary

A storefront retailer must have a physical location, including an address where commercial cannabis activities are conducted. This license allows you to sell products at retail to consumers, for their off-site consumption. There will be a limit of three per person in New York State.

Social Consumption Site

A form of “retail” premise whereby patrons 21 years of age or older can purchase at retail and then also consume those cannabis products on-site, so long as they are compliant with local municipality regulations in so doing.


New York State’s Delivery license allows a licensee to provide delivery of cannabis products only, via up to 25 delivery personnel, from a central warehouse location. This warehouse location would have to be licensed and bonded, and would not, under any circumstances, allow any patrons on-site. This license specifically does not allow for a consumer-facing retail storefront.

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