Commercial Bicycling Laws Could Affect Restaurant Delivery Service

By helbraunlevey on March 4, 2014 in Restaurants

On October 25, Mayor Bloomberg signed into law several proposed Local Laws relating operators of bicycles used for commercial purposes.  These include Int. No. 683-A relating to required apparel for commercial cyclists, Int. No. 783-A relating to a required bicycle safety course, Int. No. 896-A relating to enforcement of commercial bicycle provisions of the NYC Administrative Code, and Int. No. 910-A clarifying provisions of the NYC Administrative Code that apply to commercial bicyclists.


While these Local Laws aren’t targeted directly at restaurants and food delivery persons, they will certainly have a large impact on the industry.  All restaurants using bicycles for delivery service should carefully review these Local Laws, and all of the provisions of the NYC Administrative Code § 10-157 and § 10-157.1 to make sure their delivery persons are in compliance.


Check out this link on the Department of Transportation website for a quick breakdown:

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