Breaking New SLA Delivery Rules

Originally Published : March 17, 2020


From Joseph (“Joey Regs”) Levey:

Rules are out!!!  Read ’em in full here, if you want, but let’s get right to what you care about…

You can only sell for “take-out” and “delivery” the types of alcoholic beverages that you are allowed to sell under your license.  BUT you are allowed to sell ANYTHING that you can sell in your establishment to go or for delivery.  

Can you sell a vodka soda to go? Yes
Can you sell a pitcher of margaritas for delivery? Yes
Can you sell a bucket of beers to go? Yes
Can you sell a bottle of Jameson for delivery? Yes.

You get the idea.

What do you need to know about HOW you can make the sales?
– All sales need to be accompanied by a food purchase, but from a SLA source, a bag of chips will suffice for now.
– All alcohol beverage sales for delivery or take-out MUST be made in a closed and sealed container.  And a plastic lid on a “to-go” cup appears to be enough for the Authority at this point.

Other things that you need to know:

Open container laws are NOT being suspended, so this cannot turn into mardi gras or these privileges will be withdrawn by the State.

Although you are no longer allowed to operate your “on-premise” businesses, you MUST still abide by your stipulated hours of operation (if you have any). i.e. If you close at midnight on Mondays, you cannot be delivering booze at 2:00 AM on Mondays.

Anyone acting in violation of the official rules will be subject to a LARGE monetary fine or worse.

Let’s be careful out there!

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