Dissecting the DNA of a Hospitality Group | October 23, 2023

Originally Published : October 24, 2023

Why does it make sense to consolidate a brand and have a holding company? And when should you invest in this corporate structuring, especially if you’re starting with opening a single brick-and-mortar to start? Do you need a management company too? How about an IP Hold Co?

If you are planning on opening more than one bar or restaurant, you need to make sure your company’s infrastructure is built for growth from the beginning, and you need to have a clear plan in place for how you want to structure your entities and who you want involved in which companies.

David Helbraun and Andrew Fine have set up hundreds of hospitality groups for HL clients. In this webinar they will share their knowledge on the nuances, details, and options when it comes to how to create a holding company, make the right hiring decisions, and grow and diversify your portfolio.