NY State Cannabis Licensing Services

Helbraun Levey, along with our cannabis consulting company, has a team of attorneys and specialists dedicated to the licensing and permitting needs of New York Cannabis Entrepreneurs.  Choosing the right set of licenses and/or permits for your establishment requires not only strong legal consideration, but also an understanding of the local business environment, and the cannabis industry as a whole.

We possess an unmatched combination of cannabis industry knowledge, personal entrepreneurial experience and an intimate understanding of how to do business in New York to help best position your business for success.  Navigating regulatory framework is never easy, but we can help you to do so as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Many people see the opportunities that the legalization of recreational cannabis in New York State have created.  And, as a result, countless groups have emerged, claiming to understand the New York market, yet have just moved here.  We were born here; we’ve been working in this market, with entrepreneurs, with governmental agencies for years.  And our track record speaks for itself.  We have developed a reputation for being the premier one-stop-shop for hospitality entrepreneurs in New York over the last 15 years. We’ve now spent the last five, positioning ourselves to be the same for cannabis entrepreneurs.

NY State Recreational Cannabis Licenses

We advise, prepare, and file all NY State Recreational Cannabis License applications for our clients:

1. Retail Licenses

2. Wholesale Licenses

3. Misc Licenses and Permits