Event Permits (Street Fair Permits, Festival Permits, One Day Permits)

New York City offers people/groups the ability to apply for street closure and street fair permits for festivals and events. There are many different types. We can help with any of them that you need.

Both the State of New York and the City of New York have their own unique set of regulations that can make compliance difficult to navigate. Having a team of trusted advisors guiding you through the process can result in quicker outcomes. Our team of licensing experts have guided hundreds of clients through the application and renewal processes and can aid your business in securing the proper documentation to operate in compliance with city and state laws.

We are in constant communication on behalf of our clients with regulatory agencies including:


License Maintenance and Violations

Once your business is up and running with the proper licenses and permits are secured, we are here to guide you in ensuring that your organization can remain in good standing with regulators. By keeping our team updated with any changes to your business, we can make the necessary amendments and alterations as your business continues to evolve. Our licensing team can advise on best practices to keep you in compliance throughout your business’s lifespan.

Helbraun Levey is available to assist you with any fines, disciplinaries, or penalties your establishment may receive, if that’s the case. Our Litigation Division is at your disposal should the need arise.

More Additional NYC Permits Law Services

Additional NYC Permits

Food Establishment Permits

Whether you are serving coffee, bourbon, a 12 course meal or are running a concession stand, you MUST apply for your food establishment permit with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Additional NYC Permits

Sidewalk Cafe Permits

NYC is known for many things. One of them is outdoor dining. There’s nothing better (when the weather is nice).

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