Community Board Relations

Oftentimes, the bigger the project or the more variables that a project contains the more challenging the community board process is. It’s important to employ a sound strategy and to follow the right plan when seeking support from your local community board. Much of this actually happens behind the scenes. There are vocal individuals, block associations and neighborhood organizers in just about every neighborhood of NYC. For a large scale or unique project to move forward in the most expeditious way possible, a significant amount of time and effort must be spent identifying these individuals and groups, involving them in the process and ultimately lobbying for their support through a series of meetings and negotiations. We have the relationships and an outstanding track record with individuals in virtually every community in NYC, at each level.

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Hotel Management and Licensing Agreements

We understand the intricacies of hotel deals from both sides of the table as we represent hotels, developers, chefs and restaurateurs with all types of hotel F&B agreements. 


Liquor License Strategy and Planning

One aspect of overall project planning and conceptualization that is finally getting an appropriate amount of attention is liquor license strategy.

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