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Seasonal and Special License Applications

The Liquor Authority understands that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” license, so they’ve developed a number of different classes and categories of licenses. We’ve broadly defined a few of them above. The Liquor Authority also has “Seasonal” and “Special” license applications. These include the types of licenses that you would need for a concession stand only opened in the summer or a snackbar at an ice rink only in the winter. An example of a “Special” license would be the type that allows alcohol service on a vessel that sails around NYC. We’re happy to help match you to the perfect license for your business. Just give us a call.

More NY Liquor Licenses Law Services

NY Liquor Licenses

Interpretations of Law and Advisory Opinions from the SLA

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Law is fairly old. And although the statute does evolve (somewhat) over time, there are many inventions, scenarios and questions that were never contemplated and are still not accounted for.

NY Liquor Licenses

Off-Premise Liquor License Applications

“Off-Premises” Liquor Licenses are a category of licenses that allow you to sell alcoholic beverages to patrons for their off-of-the-premises consumption only.

NY Liquor Licenses

Event Permits

Anytime that there is an event held and alcoholic beverages are distributed, whether they are being sold, given away, donated, etc., there will always be a type of license or permit that should be governing that event.

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