Liquor License Renewals

Once you are approved for your liquor license, you can take a deep breath, as the hardest part is done. What you can’t do though, is forget that you must begin the process of renewing your liquor license a few months in advance of its expiration date. Make sure to always mark your calendar at least two months before expiration to get this process started! The renewal process is certainly not rocket science, but neither is it straightforward as there are a number of timing issues/deadlines and materials that need to be submitted correctly. There is little to no margin for error and doing so would result in you either losing your license entirely, or being “dry” for a period, while things get corrected. Either of these outcomes could be catastrophic for your business. Let us take this off of your plate. We have a team of professionals that do literally hundreds of renewals per year. We have a system, we keep track of the different moving parts and let you get back to running your business.

More NY Liquor Licenses Law Services

NY Liquor Licenses

Interpretations of Law and Advisory Opinions from the SLA

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Law is fairly old. And although the statute does evolve (somewhat) over time, there are many inventions, scenarios and questions that were never contemplated and are still not accounted for.

NY Liquor Licenses

Off-Premise Liquor License Applications

“Off-Premises” Liquor Licenses are a category of licenses that allow you to sell alcoholic beverages to patrons for their off-of-the-premises consumption only.

NY Liquor Licenses

Event Permits

Anytime that there is an event held and alcoholic beverages are distributed, whether they are being sold, given away, donated, etc., there will always be a type of license or permit that should be governing that event.

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