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Alteration/Change Applications

Many people don’t realize that whenever there is a change made to your physical establishment or to the ownership of it, the Liquor Authority must be informed. If you’re changing the size/shape/location of your bar, there is an application that must be filed with the Liquor Authority. If you’re changing your name/type of cuisine/level of food service, there’s an application for that. If you’re taking on new investors or buying out old ones, there’s an application that must be filed to accomplish that too. More times than not, operators accrue violations for failing to memorialize these changes with the Liquor Authority in the appropriate way. We are equipped to audit your current status with the liquor authority, look at your current/proposed operation and advise as to exactly what needs to be done to ensure that you are completely compliant.

More NY Liquor Licenses Law Services

NY Liquor Licenses

Interpretations of Law and Advisory Opinions from the SLA

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Law is fairly old. And although the statute does evolve (somewhat) over time, there are many inventions, scenarios and questions that were never contemplated and are still not accounted for.

NY Liquor Licenses

Off-Premise Liquor License Applications

“Off-Premises” Liquor Licenses are a category of licenses that allow you to sell alcoholic beverages to patrons for their off-of-the-premises consumption only.

NY Liquor Licenses

Event Permits

Anytime that there is an event held and alcoholic beverages are distributed, whether they are being sold, given away, donated, etc., there will always be a type of license or permit that should be governing that event.

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