Restaurants and Bars Rise Again!

Originally Published : April 14, 2021

Back in March 2020, on the day the city shut its doors and we called it coronavirus and we had no way to comprehend what the hell was in store for us, I started our newsletter with: Everyone we work with is very scared. Now, thirteen bizarro months later, we have made it through to the other side and we are scared no more.

Yes, we have to be careful and science must be respected, but we are just about through it.  I know this because you, the people that are “the industry”, have replaced your fear and angst with optimism and action.  You have shed the dread and you are off and running, drawing up new ideas and putting the pieces in place for your next big move. You have pushed past the pain and are back to managing your business and being creative and moving and shaking.

And while the hospitality hustle has changed a bit and you have had to whirl and twirl to adapt, it’s basically the same shit.  You work harder than everyone you know, bust ass everyday to make your place the best it can be and although you sometimes daydream of a cushy 9 to 5 consulting gig, you know it ain’t gonna happen.  Being a hospitality entrepreneur is in your blood and you would have it no other way and that’s that.

So, while we wait for the restaurant grants and we decipher the directives from our Dearly Elected and we clean up some lingering Landy matters, we will cease publishing the newsletter on a regular weekly schedule.  But don’t fret, we will continue to send you alerts and breaking news at rando times and we will always have your back, but we will reach out only when the news is relevant, important and timely.

We all went through so much together and there is no need to rehash it here. Suffice to say that we helped each other and joined forces as an industry and as colleagues and friends and we fought like hell for our survival. This experience has made us closer and stronger and the deep bonds borne of our pandemic battles will continue forever.  

As Jerry and the boys liked to say: Gotta make it somehow, on the dreams you still believe.

From all of us at Helbraun Levey, we thank you, we love you and we believe in you and your dreams.