Commercial and Business Litigation

Unfortunately for most businesses, especially those in New York City, litigation or threats of litigation are a normal occurrence. Whether a client has a dispute with a vendor, a contractor, an insurance carrier, or even internally among partners, Helbraun Levey’s team of litigators represent and counsel our clients throughout the entire process. Our litigators have experience with all types of commercial and business litigations, from the small and simple to the large and complex.

Our process includes evaluating litigation at all stages to determine the most desirable course of action for the client. We devise and execute litigation strategies to procure the most advantageous outcome for our client.

More Litigation Law Services


Employment/Wage and Hour Litigation

Developing clear employment practice policies is crucial to preventing — or minimizing the likelihood of — labor and employment problems within your business.  


Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Landlord/tenant issues are likely to arise at some point during a business’s lifecycle. Helbraun Levey’s litigation team handles all aspects of commercial landlord/tenant litigation – both tenant and landlord side.


Governmental and Criminal Litigation

Helbraun Levey’s Litigation Group is comprised of practical and insightful attorneys who regularly advocate before New York’s local, city, state and federal governmental and administrative agencies.

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