New York State Liquor Revocation Defense

Helbraun Levey’s team is instrumental in assisting our clients with revocation hearings before the State Liquor Authority (SLA). These hearings are essentially small-scale criminal trials which can result in fines from the SLA Board of Directors and potential penalties, that may include liquor license restrictions or revocations.

For something as simple as noise violations or a one-time failure to check identification, it is possible for an establishment to permanently lose its liquor license through the revocation hearings process. Even if the charges are disputed and defended, a licensee can face serious fines of tens of thousands of dollars — even if the summons issued by a NYPD officer is dismissed at the Criminal Court Level.

The SLA may choose to have a civil hearing to determine whether a licensee should maintain its license. Our attorneys are experienced with the nuances of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law (ABC) and are prepared to vigorously defend our clients and to seek dismissal of such charges.

We are also regularly able to secure reasonable settlements from the SLA Counsel’s Office, allowing for lower fines to be paid along with no additional penalty for the licensee.

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