Drafting and Negotiating Trademark Licenses, Assignments, Co-Existence and Other Agreements

One of the most effective ways to create value with your trademark is to license your brand to others. This is a great way to leverage your brand identity and grow your consumer base. These opportunities are not without risk. We have been through this process with our clients numerous times. Our clients are constantly collaborating, entering into partnerships and starting new ventures requiring drafting and negotiation of trademark license agreements, assignment agreements, co-existence agreement and other creative uses of their trademarks. We provide effective and efficient drafting and negotiation services to achieve our clients’ goals without holding up (or worse) killing the deal. We know the value your brand stands to gain by partnering and we stand ready to help you enable the growth of your mark without restricting your creativity.

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H&L Trademark Group

Development of Brand Identity and Strategy

Our significant experience representing high profile brands provides an in-depth knowledge base about what it takes for a brand to both be markable and protectable as a trademark. We take an in-depth approach to helping our clients develop a protectable and unique brand identity.  

H&L Trademark Group

Conducting Trademark Clearance Searches

The foundation to a strong trademark application is a comprehensive trademark clearance search. Our experienced team searches to discover brands, existing trademarks and pending trademark applications to help you understand the likelihood of success for your trademark application.

H&L Trademark Group

Drafting and Filing Trademark Applications

There are many ways to approach a trademark application. The trademark attorneys at Helbraun Levey take a bespoke and personalized approach to crafting a compete and well-tailored trademark application for each client.

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