Maintaining and Policing Trademark Portfolios

Whether you have an existing trademark or one was just filed on your behalf there is additional work that must be done to protect the value of your brand. We have a rigorous process for ensuring that all of your trademark maintenance is completed on time. These maintenance documents are critical in order to prove active use of the trademark and avoid cancellation of the trademark. Many trademarks are hard fought and then filed in the back of the business owner’s mind. Leave the details to Helbraun Levey’s Trademark Group. We are well-versed in tracking these deadlines and filing the appropriate documentation with the USPTO to ensure that you are able to use your mark for as long as you are actively using your brand in commerce. Moreover, once your trademark has received registration status, it is up to the owner(s) of the mark to police the trademark in order to head-off any potential infringers. If someone is infringing and you do not vigorously pursue them, your value of your brand and trademark can be diminished. Our experience with infringement matters has allowed us to develop a strong approach to protecting your hard-won trademark registration. We provide a comprehensive maintenance and policing strategy that includes various methods of searching and reporting that allows our clients to rest easy knowing that our trademark attorneys are watching their trademark and alerting of any questionable unauthorized use.

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H&L Trademark Group

Development of Brand Identity and Strategy

Our significant experience representing high profile brands provides an in-depth knowledge base about what it takes for a brand to both be markable and protectable as a trademark. We take an in-depth approach to helping our clients develop a protectable and unique brand identity.  

H&L Trademark Group

Conducting Trademark Clearance Searches

The foundation to a strong trademark application is a comprehensive trademark clearance search. Our experienced team searches to discover brands, existing trademarks and pending trademark applications to help you understand the likelihood of success for your trademark application.

H&L Trademark Group

Drafting and Filing Trademark Applications

There are many ways to approach a trademark application. The trademark attorneys at Helbraun Levey take a bespoke and personalized approach to crafting a compete and well-tailored trademark application for each client.

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