Undertaking of Due Diligence Projects and Trademark Audits

One of the most valuable assets of a company is its intellectual property, and most often its trademarks. If you are evaluating a company for sale or purchase, one of the first steps is understanding the scope of the existing trademarks, their current registration status with the Trademark Office, use in commerce and the current authorized licensees. We assist with numerous acquisitions of businesses by serving as intellectual property and trademark advisors to review of the current state of the intellectual property of the subject brand. Helbraun Levey’s Trademark Group will review the necessary paperwork relating to a particular trademark portfolio and other intellectual property in order to advise our clients in relation to potential sales, in preparation for a collaboration or for our clients’ internal records. We also perform trademark audits for companies that are unsure whether they are using their trademarks correctly in order to avoid claims of cancellation or abandonment of the company’s trademarks.

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H&L Trademark Group

Development of Brand Identity and Strategy

Our significant experience representing high profile brands provides an in-depth knowledge base about what it takes for a brand to both be markable and protectable as a trademark. We take an in-depth approach to helping our clients develop a protectable and unique brand identity.  

H&L Trademark Group

Conducting Trademark Clearance Searches

The foundation to a strong trademark application is a comprehensive trademark clearance search. Our experienced team searches to discover brands, existing trademarks and pending trademark applications to help you understand the likelihood of success for your trademark application.

H&L Trademark Group

Drafting and Filing Trademark Applications

There are many ways to approach a trademark application. The trademark attorneys at Helbraun Levey take a bespoke and personalized approach to crafting a compete and well-tailored trademark application for each client.

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