Trademark Prosecution and Defense

Although we take every effort to ensure that your application will proceed without challenge before the Trademark Office, unfortunately, this is not always the case. In some instances, the trademark examiners at the Trademark Office may provide an initial denial of the trademark. This denial often feels like the end of the line for many trademark applicants. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience responding to these denials. Our experience indicates that while these denials are part of the process, the reality is that this becomes a critical negotiation with the Trademark Office to obtain a trademark registration in a crowded field. During this process, we make strategic arguments to persuade the examining attorney that registration should be granted based on specific grounds and in response to the objections raised by the trademark office. Helbraun Levey’s trademark lawyers are experienced in effectively advocating on behalf of our clients under these circumstances by skillfully relying on case precedent or previous rulings by courts and prior decisions issued by the Trademark Office to obtain the best result possible.

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H&L Trademark Group

Development of Brand Identity and Strategy

Our significant experience representing high profile brands provides an in-depth knowledge base about what it takes for a brand to both be markable and protectable as a trademark. We take an in-depth approach to helping our clients develop a protectable and unique brand identity.  

H&L Trademark Group

Conducting Trademark Clearance Searches

The foundation to a strong trademark application is a comprehensive trademark clearance search. Our experienced team searches to discover brands, existing trademarks and pending trademark applications to help you understand the likelihood of success for your trademark application.

H&L Trademark Group

Drafting and Filing Trademark Applications

There are many ways to approach a trademark application. The trademark attorneys at Helbraun Levey take a bespoke and personalized approach to crafting a compete and well-tailored trademark application for each client.

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