Employment Legislation and Wage Compliance Advisory

The legislation landscape of New York can change quickly and have dramatic effects on your business. As the laws change, Helbraun Levey’s team of attorneys and professionals will be there to make sure that your business stays compliant with all local, state and federal rules and laws that apply to the hospitality industry. 

New York City’s Earned Safe Sick Time Act (Paid Sick Leave Law)

This law entitles employees to earn 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, up to a total of 40 hours in one year. As the calculation of time off can be tricky, we can help you develop a system to track your employees’ time as well as implement policies and procedures so all of your staff know what leave is available and how to access it. 

More Employment Law Services


Employee and Management Training: Sexual Harassment Prevention and Identification & Sensitivity Training

Our team of attorneys and professionals can train you and your staff on a variety of topics, including, governmental mandated sexual harassment identification and prevention courses, sensitivity training for both employees and managers.  Through these courses we teach employees. Supervisors and managers, how to identify, respond to, and report all forms of workplace harassment or […]


Employment Practices and Compliance Review

Helbraun Levey offers an Employment Legislation and Compliance Review, a suite of fully customizable services to ensure your business’s internal policies comply with local, federal and state laws, including hiring procedures, wage and hour compliance, hospitality industry-specific documentation, and comprehensive HR policies for a multitude of employee concerns.


Employment Agreements

Employees, particularly in the hospitality industry, can make or break a business. Attracting and retaining top talent (as well as successfully separating from employees) can be difficult for any company, especially in a competitive industry like ours. 

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