A Message from HL

Like it’s not hard enough for restaurants and bars to make a buck in this city, now we have to deal with a pandemic and nervous diner?  Well, it’s here and it may affect your business, so let’s do our best to keep our heads above water and ride out the storm together.  Helbraun Levey is here to help you manage the mess and the stress.

We will be sending out frequent updates designed to keep you in the loop and, most importantly, in business. We will be addressing issues such as:

  • Coping with loss of business
  • Managing quarantines and social distancing
  • Insurance questions
  • Dealing with landlords
  • Applying for loans, grants, and credits
  • Handling your staff and customers

Lee Jacobs, an HL partner, has been designated as our point of contact for all things Coronavirus. He continues to be in close communication with governmental agencies and clients, ultimately committed to ensuring that you all have individualized plans to respond to the specific pressure points you’re beginning to feel.  Contact [email protected] with any questions!

We will also launch a web page on our website in the near future, which will be updated regularly with FAQs and guidance from the government, as well as best practices to help your business navigate these uncertain and troubling times.  We also plan to host a virtual town hall, moderated by Lee, to provide our clients with an open forum to ask any questions relating to the virus. 

For now, though, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we’ve received from clients over the course of the last few weeks. Please keep in mind that the present situation has essentially continued to change on an hourly basis, so the following information is provided to our clients with the understanding that it is accurate and current as of the date listed on the bottom of the section.

David Helbraun